Lab Facilities

CSE Department Constitutes various Lab such as Computer Network Lab, Open Source Lab, Java Lab, Computer Practice Lab - I, Computer Graphics Lab. Each lab is well equipped and furnished to accommodate around 37 students to do experiments, concurrently. All Systems are supplied with uninterrupted power supply.

 Computer Network Lab 

Providing the real time exposure regarding the todays network to the students. Providing facilities to students for learning basic and advanced concepts in networking.

Facilitating by very recent high efficient network configuration systems. Focusing with concepts like RIP,OSPF,TCP etc used in networking.

 Open Source Lab 

Introducing many open source technologies to develop cross platform software projects. To expose students to FOSS environment and to use open source packages. To get familiarized with open source operating system namely Fedora.

Focusing on the technical values of making powerful, reliable and more business friendly software. To collaborate and develop good quality open source software according to user requirements.

 Java Lab 

Working with JDK tools for compiling, interpreting, running, monitoring, debuggingand documenting applications and Expertizing in core java. Providing innovative idea for Event driven programming. To deliver a highly interactive, multisensory learning experience.

To cross compile and install a Java class library and virtual machine. Developing programs to work in the distributed environment on the internet. Including GUI features that provides look and feel interaction.

 Computer Practice Lab - I 

To provide a general understanding of how a computer works. Have the ability to write the computer program to solve specified problems.

Introducing the basics of programming languages like C for the buddy engineers. Providing advanced skills in mouse, keyboard shortcuts, advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint slide creation with sounds and animation.

 Computer Graphics Lab 

Moulding the students to impact on many types of media and have revolutionized animation and movies. Motivating the students for the various technologies used to create and manipulate images.

preparing students for employment as graphics technicians. Developing student's graphics skills to produce engineering drawing, multimedia products and technical illustration.