ECE Department Constitutes various Lab such as Electrical Machines, Electronics System Design and Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI, Network, Electronic System, Communication, RF Communication, Microwave and Optical Communication. Each lab is well equipped and furnished to accommodate around 30 students to do experiments, concurrently.

 Electrical Machines Lab 

It has various motors and generators up to 5 HP. Here students would have exposure to handle 3 phase AC supply and 230V DC supply in a safe manner.

Various motors (DC shunt, series, compound, 1 phase and 3 phase Induction, Slip ring, Squirrel Cage), generators (AC and DC) and Transformers operation could be experienced by students.

 Electronic System Design And Digital Electronics Lab 

It is Utilized to Design & test different Electronics Circuits. It has specially designed kits to achieve knowledge in hardwired digital operation and as well as Electronics System Design.

The kits are Wheat Stone, Anderson, and Schering Bridge Trainer, Kirchoff's Law Trainer, Thevinin's and Norton Theorem Trainer, Superposition and Reciprocity Theorem Trainer, Maximum Power Transfer and Compensation Theorem Trainer, Series and Parallel Resonance Trainer, Series AC and DC Circuit Trainer, Coupled Circuit Trainer, IC Trainer, etc,.

 Microprocessor Lab 

Utilized to do different Programs using 8085 & 8085 µP kits & µC. It has number of microprocessor and microcontroller kits such as 8085, 8086 and 8051 kits. Students have exposure to basic level of programming processor, its components and working.

It also has Stepper motor, AC and DC motor Speed control, PC based Temperature Control, 8241/8253 IC, 8259 IC, 8255 IC, 8 – Channel ADC, 2 – Channel DAC interfacing units

 Digital Signal Processing Lab 

Utilized for Programming using DSP kits & simulation of different communication systems using MATLAB.

Consists of Digital Signal Processor (ADSP 2181 and TMS 320C50) kits to do specialized signal processing instructions.

Computers installed with MATLAB software to do simulations.

 VLSI Lab 

Equipped with VLSI trainer kit to do chip level programming for Spartan 3G FPGA IC.

Students can gain knowledge in IC chip programming in Verilog Hardware Description Language.

 Network Lab 

Has various cisco routers (Base T modular, Multiservice Access Gateway 1841), wireless routers and smart interface cards to explore networking concept in real.

 Microwave and optical Lab 

Has various kits and setups like, X, J Band Klystron setup, X-Band Gunn setup, Fiber optical communication kit, Laser communication module, etc,.

 RF Lab 

Consists of the following:

RF design software, Spectrum Analysers, RF circuit trainer.

RF signal source for antenna for frequency range between 50 and 1000, RF receiver module for antenna, OMNI, YAGI, Loop, Two Element Array Antenna, etc,.

 Communication Lab 

Has various Modulation and Demodulation Kits such as AM, FM, PCM, Adaptive Delta, PAM, PWM, PPM, ASK, PSK, FSK Transmitters and Receivers.