IT Department Constitutes various Lab such as Service Oriented Architecture Lab, Web Technology Lab, Datastructure Lab, System Software Lab, Object Oriented Programming Lab. Each lab is well equipped and furnished to accommodate around 40 students to do experiments, concurrently. All Systems are supplied with uninterrupted power supply.

 Service Oriented Architecture lab 

The SOA Laboratory is used for understanding the basic principles of Service Orientation and service oriented analysis technique.

In this Lab the major Software Packages are Netbeans 7.0, Microsoft DotNet ,My SQL and Ms SQL Server.

 Web Technology Lab 

This Lab contains 60 System with the configuration of Core2duo 3GHZ, 2GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk drive. All the systems have Windows XP, Apache Web Server, RedHat Linux Server, Netbeans, Dreamviewer CS3, My SQL, Visual studio2005, SQL Server 2005 for developing Web ideas.

By practicing this lab, Students can have ideas about J2EE Technologies, DOTNET Technologies and PHP Technologies.

 Datastructure Lab 

In this lab, Students learn about new ideas and problem solving techniques. The students are learn C and C++ languages with object oriented concepts.

This Lab contains 37 System with the configuration of Core2duo 3GHZ, 2GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk drive.

 System Software Lab 

To provide a general understanding of how a computer works, and how operating systems are boot. Have the ability to write the computer program to solve specified problems.

Introducing the basics of programming languages like C for demonstating programming execution to students.

 Object Oriented Programming Lab 

Introducing object oriented programming technologies by using c++. Students can learn about difference between the traditional programming style and object oriented programming style.

By practicing this object oriented lab students earn new idas about classes, templates, virtual functions and various ways for programming techniques.