To create innovative and knowledgeable Information Technology professionals from rural environment
who will lead the nation towards a better future by strongly developing the academic and research environment.


*  To produce expert students from the rural society with moral values.

*  To train rural graduates to face the challenges in the competitive world by elevating their skills through imaginative interdisciplinary experiments.

*  To motivate the students to make innovative products through qualitative education and extract the knowledge by research and development.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO I :  To frame the rural students to work in different platforms like software, hardware industry, public sectors and research by awesome education.

PEO II :  To motivate young graduates to do higher studies in their relevant areas of interest.

PEO III :  To make Students Graduates and Leaders of innovative technologies and make them Entrepreneur.

PEO IV :  To use the students' knowledge for the society by social relevance and to introduce their professional skills through software applications.

Program Outcomes

PO1)  To apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals.

PO2)  To design and develop the experiments as well as to analyze and formulate the engineering problems.

PO3)  To design solutions for the engineering problems and to develop system components or processes by considering public health and safety in cultural, societal and environmental fields.

PO4)  Ability to identify and formulate the systems approach to design and evaluate the complex Engineering problems.

PO5)  Ability to create, select and apply the engineering techniques and support modern software tools to perform complex engineering activities by understanding its limitation.

PO6)  An ability to analyze the local and global impact of Information Technology on Society and develop individual responsibility as an Engineer.

PO7)  An ability to design professional engineering solutions in the environmental context for sustainable development.

PO8)  Wrapping IT principles and ethical behavior in every working environment.

PO9)  To play different managerial roles according to the surrounding as an individual or as a member or leader of diverse teams.

PO10)  Communicate effectively using reports, documentation and presentation and show a clear demonstration of the engineering activities to the engineering community and society.

PO11)  To be competent to possess leadership and management skills by applying the core concept of Information Technology to plan and build new projects.

PO12)  Recognize the need for new trends and engage in lifelong learning for professional growth.